Britishtutorials is a scam and fraud firm. They take money but deliver incomplete and irrelevant work. Its physical address is also fake. They are not UK based, but Indian based. This is an unregistered firm. This is a review of them.


Quality is an important thing in writings. However, this company do not care about quality. its writers are inexperienced and fake. You will not find any details about them on the company site. We did not find any proof of their qualification.


Britishtutorials claims to offer all type of writing services. But it is not true. They have limited services which cannot help you throughout your career. Moreover, no revision is given by them once the work is submitted.


This is one of the expensive firms, economically. They charge high prices for low-quality services. in addition to this, they are working without a privacy policy. And a company with privacy policy means that your personal and financial information is at risk.


They are not supportive. You cannot get any answer from them 2 days. It has been also reported by past custo0mers of the company that they threaten you to contact your university if you ask them for a refund.


Britishtutorials is a fake company, which either deliver incomplete work or irrelevant work which is also plagiarized. They do not use Turnitin for plagiarism checking. They use some cheap software.

Our Verdict

The basic aim of Britishtutorials is not serving you, but looting you and stealing your financial information. Therefore, we do not recommend this company for writing services. We urge you to find some other firm that may help you, perfectly.

User Reviews

SCAM and FRAUD COMPANY. They will approach you from Facebook and WhatsApp. Using Fake Facebook profiles. Sweet talk and take your money. They will blackmail you and take your card details or threaten to contact the university. They are from India and Pakistan. Company is not even based in London. Fake Phone number from SKYPE. Ask them to call you from UK mobile number and they can't as they are not in UK. Guys avoid this company like coronavirus. I was victim of this Scammers. They have my Facebook, card and PayPal details. I will not spare this Cons. I will let everyone know about your SCAM. You will not be able to CON any other innocent person. And stop threatening me.

By Liam Augustine

This company operated with the name of Atlantic Research and has Scammed many many innocent students on Facebook, now their previous website is down and the same Scammers have started this website. They are cheap scammers and thieves from India.I have reported this company to Police as they have misused my PayPal details. I can't believe how this people even breath by cheating away with peoples money. Shameless Scammers.

By Nadia H.













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              • Markus says:

                The customer service did not even listen to what I actually wanted and they gave me some standardized document which was really not what I wanted. I asked for my money and they said we cannot do that. Bad experience.

              • Paityn says:

                I confidently placed an order with these people aand they delivered poorly done work! Poor formatting, nothing was right in the paper. I regret ever working with them. These people are scammers!

              • Benton says:

                The assignment the writers at sent me was immaterial to what I asked and it exceeded the deadline by two days and even if they sent me the assignment on time, I was not going to submit this trash anyway. These guys have no value for time and commitment. Don’t hire them.

              • Kimora says:

       has disappointed me so much. I was truly shocked to know that my order wasn’t even assigned to the respective writer, after 2 days of placing the order. Such delayed services! I wish I had worked on my assignments myself.

              • Elina says:

                Choosing for my dissertation writing was THE WORST DECISION IN MY LIFE. The so-called writer didn't put any effort; he didn't even look at the guidelines and understand the requirements. The experience with them was a nightmare and there is more to come. I have submitted the dissertation and I am waiting for the feedback, which I know, is going to be dreadful.

              • Randall says:

                STAY AWAY!!! I have used several times and the work is typically lackluster by somewhat acceptable when in a pinch. However, this last time I placed an order with a 5 day timeline. At the 5day mark they told me that no one had even been assigned the paper and if I granted an extension they would be able to find someone. I granted another 3 days. They never found anyone, started the assignment, and did not inform me that this was the case. I asked for a refund so that I could go with another company and they said I would have to wait up to 14 days for a refund. DO NOT USE. They are NOT worth the money and the is TERRIBLE!!!

              • Korbyn says:

                The PowerPoint that they made to me wasn't really what I expected. The design of it is shameless, the animation is annoying and there are too many words on one slide, which is hard to read.

              • Whitley says:

                The service in this company is just terrible. It takes too long to wait for a response from them, the writer didn't understand my guidelines and the outcome feeling is pretty crappy.

              • Kabir says:

                They've got the rudest service ever. They all are acting out like I owe something to them. Not the best way to speak with your customers.

              • Keilani says:

                I spent over $200 in papers that when I turned in were plagiarized. I sent the emailed what my professor said even the percentage and they still didn't help me nor gave me money back. The least they could've done was fixed the paper but for them to do that they wanted to charge the price again!! DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!!!!!

              • Gus says:

                Please do yourself a favor and run. I had the worst experience with this company customer service and writers. The quality of the work is poor and received a bad grade from my professor. The customer service managers are very disrespect and sarcastic.

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