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Oxbridgeessays.com operates as a deceptive scam and fraudulent entity, preying on unsuspecting individuals by soliciting payment for services they have no intention of fulfilling. Despite accepting payment, Oxbridgeessays.com consistently fails to deliver completed or relevant work, leaving clients in a state of frustration and despair. The company's purported physical address is a fabrication, further underscoring its deceitful practices and lack of accountability. Contrary to its claims of being UK-based, Oxbridgeessays.com operates out of India, misleading clients with false information about its origins and legitimacy. Additionally, it's worth noting that Oxbridgeessays.com is an unregistered firm, operating outside the bounds of legal oversight and regulation. This scathing review serves as a cautionary tale for anyone considering engaging with Oxbridgeessays.com, highlighting the risks and consequences of entrusting one's academic needs to such a disreputable and unscrupulous organization.


Quality should be a cornerstone of any writing service, but Oxbridgeessays.com flagrantly disregards this fundamental principle. Instead of prioritizing excellence, the company demonstrates a blatant disregard for quality by employing inexperienced and unqualified writers. Customers are left to fend for themselves, as Oxbridgeessays.com fails to provide any information about its writing staff on its website. The absence of details regarding the qualifications or expertise of its writers raises serious doubts about the legitimacy and credibility of Oxbridgeessays.com. Clients are left in the dark, unable to verify the credentials of the individuals responsible for their academic assignments. This lack of transparency is deeply concerning and indicative of Oxbridgeessays.com's cavalier attitude towards customer satisfaction and academic integrity. Entrusting Oxbridgeessays.com with your writing needs is akin to playing a dangerous game of chance, with the odds stacked against you from the start. It's clear that Oxbridgeessays.com falls short of meeting even the most basic standards of quality and professionalism, making them a risky and unreliable choice for anyone seeking academic assistance.


Oxbridgeessays.com boasts of providing a comprehensive range of writing services, but the reality falls far short of their grandiose claims. Despite their promises, the services offered by Oxbridgeessays.com are severely limited, failing to cover the breadth of academic needs that clients may encounter throughout their careers. This shortfall leaves clients stranded and scrambling to find alternative solutions when faced with tasks outside the narrow scope of Oxbridgeessays.com's offerings. Adding insult to injury, once work is submitted, Oxbridgeessays.com washes their hands of any responsibility, offering no opportunity for revision or improvement. Clients are left to grapple with subpar work and no avenue for recourse, exacerbating their frustration and disappointment. The lack of support and flexibility provided by Oxbridgeessays.com underscores their disregard for customer satisfaction and academic success. Entrusting Oxbridgeessays.com with your writing needs is a gamble not worth taking, as their limited services and absence of revision options leave clients vulnerable and ill-equipped to navigate the challenges of academia. It's evident that Oxbridgeessays.com falls short of meeting the diverse needs of its clientele, making them a poor choice for anyone seeking reliable and comprehensive writing assistance.


Oxbridgeessays operates as one of the most exorbitantly priced firms in the market, placing a significant financial burden on clients for services that consistently fall short of acceptable standards. Despite charging premium rates, Oxbridgeessays fails to deliver quality commensurate with its hefty fees, leaving customers feeling cheated and dissatisfied. Moreover, the company operates without a privacy policy, exposing clients to substantial risks regarding the confidentiality and security of their personal and financial information. Entrusting Oxbridgeessays with sensitive data is akin to playing Russian roulette with one's privacy, as the absence of a privacy policy means there are no safeguards in place to protect against potential breaches or misuse of information. Clients are left vulnerable to exploitation and identity theft, with no assurance that their data will be handled responsibly or kept secure. The combination of exorbitant prices and a lack of privacy protection underscores Oxbridgeessays' disregard for customer welfare and ethical business practices. It's evident that Oxbridgeessays prioritizes profit over the well-being of its clients, making them a risky and unreliable choice for anyone seeking reputable and trustworthy services.


Oxbridgeessays demonstrates a shocking lack of support and responsiveness, leaving clients feeling abandoned and helpless. Attempts to reach out to the company often result in prolonged waits of up to one days, with no guarantee of receiving a response. This egregious disregard for customer inquiries underscores Oxbridgeessays' apathy towards client satisfaction and suggests a lack of accountability within the organization. Furthermore, past customers have reported alarming instances of intimidation and coercion, with Oxbridgeessays resorting to threats of contacting clients' universities if they dare to request a refund. Such deplorable tactics not only betray a fundamental lack of integrity but also instill fear and apprehension in clients, preventing them from seeking the restitution they rightfully deserve. Entrusting Oxbridgeessays with academic assistance is akin to inviting trouble, as their callous treatment of clients and unwillingness to address legitimate concerns demonstrate a blatant disregard for ethical business practices. It's clear that Oxbridgeessays prioritizes profit over customer welfare, making them a risky and unreliable option for anyone seeking reputable and supportive services.


Oxbridgeessays.com operates as a fraudulent entity, deceiving unsuspecting clients with promises of quality work while delivering nothing but substandard and plagiarized content. The company's modus operandi revolves around delivering incomplete assignments or, worse yet, irrelevant work that fails to meet the requirements or expectations of clients. Compounding this egregious behavior is Oxbridgeessays.com's blatant disregard for academic integrity, as they eschew the use of plagiarism detection software, allowing plagiarized content to proliferate unchecked. Clients are left to grapple with the consequences of Oxbridgeessays.com's deceitful practices, facing repercussions ranging from academic penalties to damage to their reputation. Entrusting Oxbridgeessays.com with academic tasks is akin to playing a dangerous game of chance, with the odds stacked against clients from the outset. The company's flagrant disregard for honesty, quality, and integrity renders them unworthy of trust or patronage. It's evident that Oxbridgeessays.com prioritizes profit over ethics, making them a pariah in the academic writing industry. Anyone considering engaging with Oxbridgeessays.com should proceed with extreme caution, as the risks far outweigh any potential benefits.

Our Verdict

Oxbridgeessays operates with malicious intent, prioritizing financial gain over the welfare of its clients. Instead of providing genuine writing services, the company engages in predatory practices aimed at exploiting unsuspecting individuals and pilfering their financial information. Trusting Oxbridgeessays is akin to opening the door to potential financial ruin and identity theft, as the company shows no regard for the security or privacy of its clients' personal and financial data. It's evident that Oxbridgeessays is not in the business of serving clients but rather in the business of lining its own pockets through deceit and deception. We strongly advise against engaging with this unscrupulous company and instead urge individuals to seek out reputable firms that prioritize integrity and customer satisfaction. Entrusting Oxbridgeessays with your academic needs is a gamble not worth taking, as the risks far outweigh any potential benefits. Don't become another victim of Oxbridgeessays' predatory practices; choose a trustworthy and reliable writing service that values your well-being and respects your privacy.
















              • Jacob Brown says:

                Just other scammers. Please do not use this website at all. I never received the order on time . The work I received is not a PhD level. The order was 8 days late, when I talked to Rob and asked for a refund 5% for each late day as per their terms and conditions he refused and offers refund for one day only. Save your money and use other websites they offer the same quality. Please AVOID this website.

              • Paul Mark says:

                Well, I got my paper, but I didn't understand what I paid for! There were formatting mistakes, and some paragraphs seemed to be rewritten from other articles. This service provides academic help, but its quality is disappointing. I don't recommend them and think it's just a waste of time and money. As I said before, the paper quality is average and isn't worth the money.

              • Azra Elif says:

                never and ever use their service. They are cheaters. They forward you the relevant articles from academic websites they find on google. You can do the same thing, if you dont care plagiarism. DO NOT PAY A PENNY THEM.

              • Amel says:

                The service is absolutely rubbish. Please do not contact them do not make any order is just waste of time and money.

              • Ioana S says:

                Don’t bother, delay for no reason! they won’t answer for their mistake

              • sally says:

                Really bad experience. delaying and low quality..really bad

              • Enas S says:

                The final draft of my PhD thesis was still full of spelling mistakes, they have missed up with my original data and I have to redo and adjust most of them again. Costumer service was unreliable.

              • James t says:

                They didn't provide the service but kept the money and then cut off all contact. They're just not to be used.

              • Kabir says:

                They've got the rudest service ever. They all are acting out like I owe something to them. Not the best way to speak with your customers.

              • Dee T. says:

                I started working for this company, but quit when I learned the inner workings of their business. They say they produce "model example essays" but this is simply a cover-up. Behind the scenes, there is a sophisticated platform where writers bid to complete students' essays and dissertations. When "alterations requests" come back, there is a thinly-disguised attempt by the staff members to conceal the fact that they are tutors' comments, purporting to come from the customer themselves. There is a 'don't ask don't tell' policy at the company where everyone acts as though the services are legitimate, hidden behind the facade of their terms and conditions. Companies like this devalue education. Don't be fooled.

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